Shadow Experience

Candidates and Transfers must do a minimum of 8 shadow days. Shadowing is skiing/riding with a National Patroller during their typical day on the hill to strengthen your training. You will shadow a designated National Patroller in order to learn the hill landscape and daily duties.

Season 2023-4

Due to weather and mountain availbiiity, requirement is 5 days.


Chris Moore coordinates all shadow requests.

He is the only contact regarding shadow requests and you should contact and confirm with him AT LEAST TWO DAYS PROIR to your requested shadow day.

Shadowing is ongoing during the season and should NOT be schedued on training days.

The goal is to complete your Shadow days no later than 3/02/2024 and we cannot support multiple Shadow days in a week to catch up.

You will need to supply a list of your committed shadow days to Chris by 12/13/2023

  1. Choose the day you want to shadow (allowing at least two days notice).
  2. Email Chris at [email protected]  and cc [email protected] with your request.
  3. Await confirmation of approval fromChrisf – please be patient.
  4. Once approved, sign-up as a candidate using the online schedule at:
  5. If needed, Chris may be reached at 650-464-4444, but please respect his time.


  • You must stay with your assigned Patroller during the entire day.
  • Shadowing can only start after Orientation, 12/10/2023
  • Candidates/Transfers may provide patient care under the direct supervision of their assigned Patroller.
  • Candidates/Transfers may only bring an empty sled once they are checked off by an assigned Toboggan Instructor
  • No loaded sleds until cleared by the OET team.
  • There is no shadowing on Training Days.
  • Candidates must wear a yellow vest and be with a Patroller at all times.


  • Make the most of the experience.
  • Communicate to the Patroller what you have done or would like to accomplish.
  • Learn the names of the runs and the requirements of morning zone work for those runs.
  • Practice a 1050 report.
  • Take radio calls and get experience; accept feedback in a positive manner.
  • Participate in the morning zone work.
  • Ask Questions! Be engaged! Have a great attitude!


The links below provide candidate/transfers and mentor Patrollers the opportunity to reflect on their shadow day. All feedback will be reviewed by Jeff Landucci and discussed at the next training meeting for all candidates to benefit from the experience.


Use this link to provide feedback about your shadow experience. 

In addition to providing feedback, this is a helpful tool to guide your own learning, goals and progress.


Use this link to provide your shadow day trainee with feedback.

You will be required to complete the candidate evaluation form for your shadow day prior to being shadowed for any additional days.