Candidate Expectations & Requirements


  • Respect and accept individual personality traits and difference.
  • Take responsibility!  Learn and develop as a patroller.
  • Be understanding and put the feelings of others first.
  • Have a positive attitude and strong work ethic.
  • Treat every patient scenario as if it were a family member.
  • Remember, communication is key.
  • Be enthusiastic, offer assistance and support.
  • If a problem develops, work it out by discussing it. Always be respectful, use tact and acknowledge the other person’s way of looking at the issue. If an impasse results connect with the instructor of the day. If not satisfactorily resolved, contact Dave Rozzi for support.

Evaluation Process

The ongoing training at Northstar finishes in an evaluation to become a patroller.  This evaluation is for the Candidate/ Transfer to show proficiency on the hill as well as readiness to be a Northstar Patroller.


  • Attend the training sessions, all exceptions are to be approved by Dave Rozzi
  • Be registered and current with NSP dues.
  • Be registered with Northstar Patrol and current with annual dues.
  • Maintain a current OEC certification and American Heart Association Healthcare Provider, BLS  CPR/AED card.
  • Completion of all activities in your training book.
  • Proficiency in OEC Skills.
  • Proficiency in skiing/riding and toboggan handling.
  • Knowledge of Northstar runs.
  • Completion of 6 shadow days.
  • Loading and transport of a patient.
  • Proper radio protocol.
  • Knowledge of incident forms and completion.
  • Providing  proper patient care in a timely manner.


  • We prefer to evaluate you on an ongoing basis with scenarios that become more frequent, in more difficult  terrain and  then provide feedback for your continued success.  Depending on the individual, we may set a defines test date. We do not re test on the same weekend or allow multiple back to back testing until a Pass occurs. Based on the evaluation and feedback, we have the right to terminate your candidate program at any time.

Training Notes

  • Sled Training is on-going and you will be advised by an designated instructor when you are checked off to take an empty sled.
  • No candidate/transfer may take a guest/patient in a sled until signed off.
  • In training, NO ONE is strapped in the toboggan.
  • A candidate may complete a 1050 form but a Patroller must verify and sign it. Your anme ony is reflected on the card but NO signature.
  • Candidates must wear a Yellow Training vest at all times and must be with a Patroller.

Required Supplies

Each Patroller is required to wear black pants, helmet with no advertising logos, patrol vest and only red or black liners under your vest.

Your ski patrol vest will need to be set up by the first training day on the hill.  You will need various items and then replenish as you use these items.


  • Gloves* at least 6 pair
  • Goggles or Glasses
  • Ink Pens, black for reports
  • Sharpie Pens
  • Whistle
  • Flashlight (small)
  • Optional Multi-tool/Utility Knife/Leatherman
  • Safety Scissors
  • Electrical Tape*
  • First Aid/Surgical Tape (1”) We do not supply 2 inch
  • Zip lock bags – (4)*
  • Pocket Mask
  • Oral Airways – OPA’s – infant/adult/extra large (optional)
  • Insta Glucose
  • Cravats with safety pins (4)*
  • Sam Splint*
  • Gauze roller bandages (4)*
  • Sterile 4 X 4s*
  • Multiple size Band-Aids*
  • Antiseptic
  • Incident Reports (1050)*  additional reports