Ongoing Training 2022 OET OEC

Ongoing Training  OET OEC  1st Season Patrollers

After you have patrolled 7 days and dependent on feedback from the OET OEC team, you are eligible to participate in 4 days

(2 weekends) of advanced toboggan and OEC skill scenarios.

This will allow you to safely  ELEVATE your skills in different areas of the mountain.

Ongoing Training  OET OEC  Current Patrollers

•As we discussed at the refresher,  the goal is to work with all patrol members to ELEVATE their skills on toboggan handling  (OET) and patient assessment, (OEC) and to make sure that everyone is safely patrolling on the mountain in the appropriate area.

We have positioned OET and OEC trainers for the following days.

Sunday          12/4

Saturday       12/17

Sunday          12/18

Saturday       1/7

Sunday          1/8

We will conduct the training right after morning meeting with OET and then OEC and you should be on the mountain by noon or sooner.

You must commit to a date and sign up as indicated below.

If not completed by 1/8, we will need to discontinue use of your pass/passes for the remainder of the season.

Please note due to weather and mountain conditions, we have extended this deadline to 1/17.

As always, communication is the key so if you have a personal/physical reason that you are not able to commit to a date, please notify Mike Fanelli by Friday 12/2.