Northstar Perks


  • Option 1 – A season pass will be issued to the patroller only and the patroller will receive 2 comps per day of patrolling.
  • Option 2 – A season pass will be issued to the patroller and dependents and the patroller will receive 1 comp per day of patrolling.

Transfer Patrollers

  • A season pass will be issued to the transfer patroller (patrollers coming from another mountain) and the patroller will receive 1 comp per day of patrolling.
  • Once the transfer patroller is signed off and the transfer status is changed to active patroller, the patroller will have the full patroller options listed above.


  • A season pass will be issued to the candidate.
  • No comps, no dependent passes, nor any other discounts from Northstar are provided.
  • Please do not solicit or inquire about any discounts or accommodations.

Food & Beverage

  • Eligible to candidates and transfers for personal use only.
  • Access to lodge for food is not available between 11:30 and 1:30.
  • On any day that you are training/shadowing, you are personally eligible to receive a discount of 50% on food at any Vail owned venues up to the full price of $30.

Comp Requests (for those eligible)

  • Please allow as much time as possible for comp requests.
  • A minimum of 3 full business days (8am to 5pm) is required. For example, if a request is generated at 11:00 am on Tuesday, you will not see the comp until Saturday morning. If the request is generated Saturday at 6:00pm, you could expect to see the comp by Tuesday morning.
  • Please use [email protected]
  • A comp is good for 2 weeks from the date of issue. If your guest does not use your comp, please send your original request email to  [email protected] and indicate NOT USED to get credit back in your bank.

Rollover Comps

  • You must patrol a minimum of 17 days to qualify for rollover comps.
  • All days patrolled in excess of 17 and after 3/1 are eligible and considered qualified for rollovers to the next season.
  • The maximum rollover is 5 comps.

Ongoing Commitment

  • Once an individual is signed off as a patroller, they must be on the snow for 14 days in order to be eligible for a season pass.
  • Patrollers must complete at least 7 days prior to 2/21/2022. If the 7 days are NOT completed, dependent passes and comps will be frozen and unavailable for use until the patroller is caught up.
  • Provide advanced notice to Mike Fanelli by 2/11/2022 if you are not going to make your 14 days for the season.