Northstar Perks


  • Option 1 – A season pass will be issued to the patroller only and the patroller will receive 2 comps per day of patrolling.
  • Option 2 – A season pass will be issued to the patroller and dependents and the patroller will receive 1 comp per day of patrolling.

Transfer Patrollers

  • A season pass will be issued to the transfer patroller (patrollers coming from another mountain) and the patroller will receive 1 comp per day of patrolling.
  • Once the transfer patroller is signed off and the transfer status is changed to active patroller, the patroller will have the full patroller options listed above.


  • A season pass will be issued to the candidate.
  • No comps, no dependent passes, nor any other discounts from Northstar are provided.
  • Please do not solicit or inquire about any discounts or accommodations.

Food & Beverage

  • Eligible to candidates and transfers for personal use only.
  • Access to lodge for food is not available between 11:30 and 1:30.
  • On any day that you are training/shadowing, you are personally eligible to receive a discount of 50% on food at any Vail owned venues up to the full price of $30.

Comp Requests (for those eligible)

To request a comp for a guest.

Have the guest email you with the guest names requesting a comp and dates.

Please keep in mind that a minimum of 3 full business days (8am to 5pm) is required. For example, if a request is generated at 11:00 am on Tuesday, you will not see the comp until Saturday morning. If the request is generated Saturday at 6:00pm, you could expect to see the comp by Tuesday morning.

  • Submit the information to  [email protected]
  • You will receive a confirmation email back indicating the mtn money numbers.
    • MM is below
    • Joe Skier       12/27/2023        2325609999
  • Create a new email to your guest indication the names, dates and mtn money numbers and ask them to bring the email to the ticket office with their ID.
  • DO NOT just forward the email confirmation you receive as it has Vail employee contact information that should not be shared with public.
  • The comps are good at all Vail resorts except Whistler.
  • A comp is good for 2 weeks from the date of issue. If your guest does not use your comp, please send your original request email to  [email protected] and indicate NOT USED to get credit back in your bank.

Rollover Comps

  • You must patrol a minimum of 17 days to qualify for rollover comps.
  • All days patrolled in excess of 17 and after 3/1 are eligible and considered qualified for rollovers to the next season.
  • The maximum rollover is 5 comps.

Ongoing Commitment for all Patrollers

As a reminder, your commitment as a  Northstar Patroller is a total of 14 days on the hill with 7 days being completed by 2/20/2024.

We do however ask that if a patroller has an issue in making this commitment for the 2023-24 season, that they notify  by email Mike Fanelli, [email protected], by 12/1 and also copy our Operations Officer, Dan Abbott, [email protected].

We appreciate everyone’s committment to Patrol and understand that life issues do happen. If they do, please communicate.

Without any communication from you indciating that you are not able to meet the 14 day requirement or you fall short of completing 7 days by 2/20/2024, restrictions will be imposed on your comps and dependnet passes.