Northstar Perks


  • A season pass will be issued to the transfer patroller (patrollers coming from another mountain)
  • Transfer patrollers accrue 1 lift ticket per day of training/shadowing


  • A season pass will be issued to the candidate
  • No comps, no dependent passes or any other discounts from Northstar are provided
  • Please do not solicit or inquire about any discounts or accommodations


  • Eligible to candidates and transfers for personal use only
  • On any day that you are training/shadowing, you are personally eligible to receive a discount of 50% on food at any Vail owned venues up to the full price of $30


  • Please allow as much time as possible for comp requests; however, a minimum of 3 full business days (8am to 5pm) is required. For example, if a request is generated at 11:00 am on Tuesday, you will not see the comp until Saturday morning. If the request is generated Saturday at 6:00pm, you could expect to see the comp by Tuesday morning.
  • Please use [email protected]
  • A comp is good for 2 weeks from date of issue. If not used please  email link above with the mountain money number that has not been used.
  • In order to be eligible for carryover comps, you must do a minimum of 17 days to qualify. Once you have patrolled for 17 days, all days patrolled in excess of 17,  after 3/1 are eligible and considered qualified for rollovers to the next season. The maximum carrover is 5 comps.


Once an individual is signed off as a patroller, they must be on the snow 14 days in order to be eligible for your season pass.

You must complete 7 days prior to 2/21/2022. If the 7 days are NOT completed, dependent passes and comps will be frozen and unavailable for use until you are caught up.

In the event that you are not going to make your 14 days for the season, you are required to communicate with Mike Fanelli no later than 2/11/2022  via email the reason and request for an exception. In the case of an injury or illness, please communicate that immediately.