Training Update 11.26.22


Thanks so much for your participation at our annual OEC Refresher 11/5 and 11/6.

The integration of the PAID Staff at our Instructor Refresher was a key part of our success. The scenario Sunday, 11/6. lead by Brett, Lucy and Bri was the first time we have dedciated time to work on scenarios as a team and their leadership and positive feedback was excellent and appreciated. We will continue with 2 day refreshers and incorporate CPR next year.


Please make sure that you sign up for the ELEVATE training on specific weekends for toboggan (OET) and OEC as we have outlined in previous emails. This is part of your committment to Northstar as a National volunteer.


Another great 2 week class supported by: Lauren, Bruce, Garrett, Landucci, Bri ,Lucy and Fanelli.

Many thanks as we could not have provided the quality of training without you.

With over 40 interested candidates, 20 on the waiting list, our initial class size was 20 but we ended up with 16 students due to some last minute conflicts on their time.

Northstar accounted for 13 students, 10 were Northstar Paid and 3 Northstar candidates for the upcoming season and 3 were outside Paid at Sugar Bowl and Palisades.


We have 15 potential patrollers joining us for ski/board check on 12/10. Our candidate class for this season is estimated at 9 new members joining our team with 6 for next season. If you are intersted in helping at a training session, the dates are posted on our site.


We have 4 our of National Team members going through the Instructor Program for either OET or OEC this season.

Thanks for stepping up: Throne, Sloane, Mats and O ‘Dell.


The website, has been updated to reflect our current patrol roster of 25 National Volunteers.


As a reminder let’s keep the yurt clean and free of snow when needed. Dependents cannot store their person equipment in the Yurt or use it for changing as it is meant for Patroller use only.

Thanks to Garrett for the new door lock installation. We have lost 1 key already so 1 remains in my locker as backup.

As always, we appreciate your committment to Northstar .