OEC Cycle C Refresher 2022

2022-2023 Registration

All NSP Patrollers – Volunteer and Paid, 

We are looking forward to seeing you soon on the hill! To make the registration process as easy as possible, here is your “cheat” sheet.  Please, please read closely!

COVID-19 is still a consideration. If you have any personal safety concerns please contact Mike Fanelli or Dave Rozzi [email protected]  or  [email protected].  You will still be required to complete all requirements and pay dues and fees even if you are inactive for the upcoming season. If you have earned Alumni status, you no longer need to refresh OEC or take CPR.

In order to patrol this upcoming season and receive a pass,

Steps 1 – 6 must be completed by the due dates indicated:

1)   Complete your OEC Cycle C online – Due 11/5

2)   Maintain a current AHA CPR Card for 2022-3 season, 11/12 to 4/30/23 – Due 10/31

        If you didn’t take CPR at last year’s Refresher, please forward a copy of your current card to Karen.

3)   Completed registration for a Refresher – Due 11/5 Patrol and Instructors

4)   Pay NSP dues – Due 10/31

• Sign in at nsp.org

• Click “Hi, [YOUR NAME]” link in the upper right

• Click the “Renew now” button.

• Pay the dues and update your profile.

• Please note that National has raised their dues this year.  Benefit of being part of NSP.

5)  Pay Local Northstar dues-  Due 10/31

    • Northstar Volunteer:  $85 

   • Northstar Paid Patroller:  $40 

6) NSP Far West Release of Liability – Due 10/31

• Required by all who will be patrolling this season and is attached.

7)  2022-2023 Season Pass – will be Online, watch for emails to sign up

8) Optional, if CA resident sign up for College Credit with Lake Tahoe CC.

    Contact Karen directly if interested

For questions about NSP and Northstar dues/registration, season pass, and other paperwork:

Karen Trolan
[email protected]
(408) 838-7653

Thanks for taking the time to complete everything,

Karen Trolan


[email protected]
(408) 838-7653