Patrol News 06/19/22

Hello Team,

I wish I could be sharing this news all together in morning meeting, but that’s clearly not an option right now.

I accepted the position as the Senior Manager of Snow Surfaces at Northstar. I am equally as sad as I am excited for what this means. Patrolling has been my whole world since I was 18 years old, and this team is the reason I love what I do. Although I will not be working with you in the same capacity as before, I will still be on the hill all the time, drinking coffee with you in Pluto, and always be there for you personally and professionally. The announcement is going out this afternoon to all Northstar and I wanted you to hear it from me first.

I will still be working with Patrol in my current capacity until Monday, 7/4/22 and I will still support the bike park and Kurt through the summer.

I am excited for this new adventure in my career and look forward to celebrating with my family soon,

Kolina Coe

Assistant Director: Ski and Bike Patrol

Northstar California Resort

Patrol News 3/28/2022

Happy Monday team!

Terrain & weather updates 

We’re nearing the end of the season and the mountain is starting to show it. The Timberline complex is closed and gated with a homeowner access sign, Drifter and Drifter Connector are closed for the remainder of the season, Boondocks is closed below Upper Lion’s Way, and we’re continuing to assess other runs daily that are rapidly burning out. 

Please remain on the search for sink-holes as they’re popping up across the mountain. Assess your runs more frequently with these warm temps and mark any hazards appropriately. 

Promised Land Express is done for the season but will remain on stand-by. Rendezvous, Lookout Link, and Village Express will only operate on the weekends, and even on weekends we usually can’t run all three for the full day. 

We have a low-pressure system moving through the area today, potentially bringing a few inches of wet snow.  

Most importantly, BE SAFE out there! Conditions are variable, especially in the morning and on sweep. Save your summer!

New opening time for 2022-23 season!

All lifts will open to the public at 9:00am next season to give us more time to safely open the mountain to the public. As of now, our morning meeting will still begin at 7:30am. 

Pond skim last Saturday

In case you missed it, Patrol showed up at Northstar’s Spring-It-On Pond Skim which took place this past Saturday! Rookie patroller Brad Kinsch took home the $1,000 grand prize after pulling off an insane backflip exiting the skim. Pics are below!

Coverage needed April 5-7

We’re still hoping to get more patrollers to come in April 5-7 while a handful of us will be in Kirkwood completing our Avy 1. If you’re available, please sign up to patrol on those days. It would be a huge help. 

Only 20 days left in the season… Let’s finish strong! 


Patrol News 3/16/2022

Mountain HELP Needed

We’ll be especially in need of coverage for the following two events:

Patrol try-outs, which started yesterday and will continue through Thursday the 17th. 

Avy 1+ course April 5-7, which will be taking a handful of our pro patrollers off the mountain.

Women’s Clinic

We’ll be hosting a women’s clinic through NSP March 26-27. This is an awesome chance to get all the women of patrol together to talk about our specific mechanics and the whole atmosphere changes when it’s women led. Registration is $50.

Here are the instructions on how to sign up:

Case reviews 

The next case review will be held on Tuesday, March 22. Follow this link to register. If you have any calls that you’d like reviewed please email Kolina with the patient’s name, date of birth, and higher care destination if known (clinic, Tahoe Forest, or Renown). 

Season winding down

The official end date for the season is April 17th – make sure you get your days in! 

Weather & terrain conditions

With this warm weather please continue to assess terrain and mark runs with thin cover and/or marginal skiing signs when necessary. Be sure to keep your eyes out for bare spots and mark any blind hazards appropriately. We are expecting about an inch of snow on Tuesday, with another system hopefully bringing a few inches this weekend. 

We’ve been opening only the skier’s right side of Drifter so that our guests ski past the signage at the top of the run.

O2 Shortage

We are running low on O2 and are still waiting to get restocked, so please be conservative with O2 usage and only call for it when necessary. If you are administering O2 to a patient consider using a nasal cannula and a lower flow rate. 

Flannel & floral Friday 

Every Friday from here on out will be Flannel or Floral Friday! We still need to be identifiable as a patrollers, so vests must be worn on top. 

As always, with any questions please email Dave Rozzi.

Thank you everyone! 

See you all out there soon,


Patrol News 3/4/2022

Coverage needed next week

Many of our advanced patrollers are taking their AIARE Pro 1 this Monday through Thursday (March 7-10th), meaning we’ll be short on coverage and could use all the help we can get. If you can come in during those days, it would be a huge help. 

No more self-rescues 

We are no longer doing self-rescues.

If you do an assessment and send somebody on their way, call it a treat and release, or a negative if they aren’t injured.

It’s a first aid refusal if the patient is refusing your recommended treatment/transfer of care.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions about this ([email protected]

Thank you!


Patrol News 2/28/2022

Hey team!

As always, thank you so much to everyone who showed up and helped get the mountain through Presidents’ Day week. We should be back to seeing our normal weekday lows and weekend highs for the next few weeks. 

Mullets4Mutts fundraiser!

Attached is a PDF for our Mullets4mutts fundraiser, happening TOMORROW, March 1st! Sacred Salon is helping to carry on the new mullet tradition, and will be donating their time to cut mullets for donations to the Northstar avalanche rescue dogs. Our fundraising goal is to pass $1400, our earnings from last year.

If you can’t attend but still want to support, please venmo Dirk Lewis @Dirk-Lewis. If you’re prompted to verify his phone #, the last four digits of his number are 1417. 


The dry spell finally ended and we have some more light precipitation in the forecast. It’s a relief to know that winter is still here.. 

Morning Meeting – back to normal!

Morning meeting is back to inside the locker room at 7:30am, followed by stretches in the bathroom level of the Day Lodge. Please continue to wear your masks in all indoor spaces. 

Loading lifts through patrol entrance 

We’ve been asked to make sure we’re using the patrol entrance into mazes. Side loading at the load gate does not help out lift efficiency and sometimes makes the lifties’ lives harder. If it’s an emergency and you need to get on the lift asap or you have a sled or gear, that’s fine. 

As always, with any questions please reach out to Dave Rozzi. 

Thanks everyone – Looking forward to seeing many of your faces tomorrow! (hopefully with fresh haircuts..) 



Introduction of SLACK


We have developed a team to review options for a quick, easily adaptable communication tool for Patrol members to connect informally. The results are in and we have decided to move forward with Slack. Many of you are using Slack already in a business environment but it is also easy to use on a personal basis for a group such as ours.

The Challenge

We are a geographically diverse group who share the same passion, but are rarely together. We also work at a job that changes every day and when we do communicate it is usually mail and one way. Sometimes communications are hidden in all those work and other emails and maybe we do not check a specific email account  where communication is being sent and we miss something important and timely.

What is Slack?

Slack is a free app for your phone or laptop that will allow us to communicate with each other. There are no ads. You can message each other directly or in specific channels where everyone in that channel will receive your message.

We have currently set up a few channels (weather, road conditions, mountain updates, gear swap, etc.) and can always add more, depending on usage and needs. You can enable or disable notifications for the entire app or specific channels.

Next Steps

1) Register for Slack here:

2) Watch this video for an overview:

3) See this page for more tutorials:


1) Slack is not HIPAA-compliant and NO patient details, video, pictures, or other PII/PHI may ever be shared on Slack.

2) Official patrol updates will still come through email but will also be included in Slack.

This will be a great addition to our communications as a Patroller at Northstar and I encourage you to register.

Ross Dakin and David O’Dell have spearheaded this project, and their efforts are greatly appreciated.


Presidents Weekend 2/19-2/21


A busy weekend for the mountain and as always we appreciate your help!

We have adjusted this weekend to a Shadow weekend for the Candidates/Transfers and really would appreciate if you could sign up on the website if you are planning to patrol by Tuesday evening as we are trying to coordinate 4 candidates that want to shadow.

Thanks in advance


Patrol News 1/26/2022

Hi team!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been helping out on the hill. With MLK weekend and the holidays behind us we’re back to seeing our usual high numbers on the weekends and midweek lows. We will be doing more ongoing training in the upcoming weeks, so any help with maintaining coverage during these trainings is greatly appreciated. We will also be doing a helicopter training with our pro staff on February 11 and 14th, so we’ll be especially in need of help on those days. 

COVID reminders

Please get fit tested for your N95 if you haven’t yet – Michael Doubek and Max Manktelow are in charge of fit testing.

We are now meeting inside at 7:30am on the main level of the Day Lodge, above the bathrooms, for stretches. Morning meeting follows directly after and takes place right outside of the lodge. 

Please wear a mask in the bumps and all indoor spaces including gondola cabins, and do not show up to the mountain if you feel sick.

Terrain expansion

The entire Timberline complex, Pipeline, and Sawtooth Ridge have all opened to the public. Sawtooth will continue to be assessed daily. 

Ski California Safety Day

January 29th is Ski California Safety Day. We’ll have a scavenger hunt, dog demos in the Arrow Pit, and other activities focused on guest interaction & education.

Dog merchandise

We sold $2636 worth of dog merchandise on MLK Saturday! Thank you so much to everyone who helped spread the word and raise money for our dog team. For anyone who’d like to be involved with selling dog merchandise, we’ll definitely need help at mid-mountain on President’s Day Weekend. 

Stroll patrol handoffs

We have a handful of patrollers who have been working mid-mountain as “stroll patrol,” and we have started handing off the final leg of transport (from mid to the clinic) to these patrollers. This has been hugely useful for keeping numbers up high. Please consider handing off the final portion of your transport to patrollers at mid if your patient is ambulatory and can be taken down on the gondola. 

Mindfulness bells

We now have mindfulness bells outside of every bump. The goal of these bells is to keep us all present and intentional in our work, to get the most out of our days, and to keep us safe in the more mundane parts of our job. Please try to get in the habit of ringing the bells every time you pass them as a gentle reminder to yourself to be mindful!


We’ve seen a long stretch of warm, dry weather and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. With that being said, we’re beginning to see bare spots and thin coverage pop up across the mountain. Keep an eye out for potential hazards and mark them as they appear, and consider placing thin cover signage at the top of runs that need it. 

Thank you again for the time and energy you’ve all been contributing to keeping our mountain running! We couldn’t do it without all of you. 

Please email Dave Rozzi if you have any questions.

Let’s get back to praying for snow!


Safety Week 1/29


We are excited to Kickoff Safety week on Saturday 1/29 with giveaways, booths, a scavenger hunt, those adorable dogs and great products for sale but we need your HELP to make it a success!

It is a training weekend so I am tied up but Fanelli will be coordinating and we need 4-5 people to assist him.

The weather will be great so put on your best smile and come to help.

Pleas contact me directly, if you can make it.

[email protected]