Patrol Update 3/8


As a reminder, you need to sign up 48 hours prior to Patrol. If not, the pass office will not have time to activate your pass. Sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your support on the mountain


Patrol News 3/2

A big thank you to everyone who helped us get through the holiday week and busy weekend. This past weekend in particular made it evident how much we rely on every patroller on the hill. We really appreciate everyone who came out!

Mountain Conditions 

We got 21 inches over the 12th, 13th and 14th and 6 inches over the 19th and 20th. The past week has been dry with warm temps and sunny skies. This pattern should continue through this week. The forecast shows a weak system moving in on Saturday and a more active pattern into the following week.

We opened Pipeline on the 17th. That means all terrain has been opened to the public with the exception of the White Rabbit. We have been opening the Biscuit and Sawtooth based on conditions. Teams continue to use Hornet’s Nest and Surprise. 

Mountain Updates/Reminders

-We are working on being more visibly present around the mountain. We are encouraging everyone to spend more time standing by slow signs and trail maps or doing mask enforcement every day. We are additionally doing mask enforcement at the top of pinball in the area snowboarders strap in and people tend to congregate.

-Please restrict radio traffic after Code 3 or Code Blue is called until dispatch says to resume normal radio traffic. If you have non emergent communication, please call the bump/dispatch/personal numbers or hold off. 

-If ‘circle the wagons’ is called, every patoller should cycle up to Pluto (except Lookout patrol) even if this means leaving lower bumps uncovered. 

-There is a ‘Sidewinder’ sign at the top of the park off Zephyr chair lift. This may lead to some confusion in regards to 10-50 locations. Dispatch will try to clarify which chair lift the patient rode and we are working on having the sign changed. 

-Be sure to hold tension when reeling up closure ropes.

-Patrol is not allowed in low clearance areas. Only lift operations and maintenance are. Please speak to someone in one of these departments if someone needs to enter a low clearance area. 

-The ranger has an updated dump bed lock. The new system required that patrollers to reach under the fender well on the passenger side to check the oil.

-Lower Boondocks now has two exits.

Safety Video 

With help from ski and ride school, we put a video together about risk awareness and prevention. You can access the video via the link below. No need to fill out the form, as this is used to track employees. Please try to watch the video before your next day on the hill.

after you open click blue to left of edit box

COVID Reminders

– When riding the lift, you must have an empty seat between you and other parties. 

– Please remember to do the online home health screening questionnaire every morning before coming in. This can be questionnaire accessed via the following link: 

Northstar Volunteer Health Screen Form

Ongoing Training

– Please reach out to Dan Abbott or Bruce Downs for onhill OET and SMR training. 

-There are beacon courses available accessible from Pluto and Lookout. 

Hope to see you out on the hill soon! 

Hannah Lian

Patrol Update 2/24


This COVID season  has presented us with many challenges as a Patroller , Instructor and as a person.

We appreciate all of the adjustments and respect all of the decisions that you  have made personally this year and continued good health.

As we go forward for the remainder of the season and look forward to next season, I think it is appropriate to remind ourselves of our WINS for this season so far and what we have learned about our Team in positioning our vision for next season.

WINS this season:

1)     Through 2/22/2021 we have 20 Patrollers on the mountain that have supported the Northstar Team  with 172 days of patrolling.

2)     This year the entire Team came together to become educated regarding the COVID challenge and embraced the additional training and protocols in order to keep ourselves and patients safe.

3)     We stayed flexible and adapted  to many changing situations and continue to do so.

4)     Hannah Lian has taken the role of NSP liaison and has done a great job in communicating weekly Patrol News..

5)     Kevin Sloane, is certainly Rookie of the Year and doing a fantastic job with over 20 days of patrolling and will be coordinating and responsible for supplies in  the Eastern Sierra Region (ESR) equipment shed housed at Northstar.

6)     We were able to complete a 2 week intensive OEC class with 10 students and 6 instructors all in one bubble, passing all 10 with 9 students coming on to the Pro Patrol.

The support over the 2 weeks period from the team of Lauren, Bruce, Garrett, Colby and Hannah made it happen.  Jeff Landucci and Mike Fanelli stepped up for the OEC final as evaluators.

7)     We welcomed and congratulated  Kurt and Kolina, both in new roles in our Patrol.

8)     The  NSNSP web site continues to be updated with new Protocols and COVID information.

9)      Doubek has been most accommodating and tried to make a memorable experience with the  N95 fit test and Brewster (Lia) continues to keep us updated on SMR protocols..

10)  We have a couple of Team members that are committed to improving and reinforcing the value that we bring as a Patroller to Northstar and I want to recognize Dan Abbott and Bruce Downs.

I  will also share the message below on their approach and achievements  to training for this season and the coordinated effort that we have discussed for initial candidate and ongoing  Patroller training for next season.


Dan and Bruce have developed and implemented a training package this year to elevate all of us as Patrollers and make it easy to engage. They have been very creative in their written communication and practical methods as illustrated by their message below:

Starting this year we’re going to require everyone to complete a Mountain Operations Refresher. This year the refresher is comprised of three 10-question quizzes.

These quizzes are designed as teaching tools to review the mountain operations at Northstar. They are not evaluations. The hope is that by taking these quizzes and reviewing the answers you missed, you’ll be more prepared for Patrolling.  

Most of the content comes from the COVID training, Radio Protocols page on the NSNSP website, the Trail Closure cheat sheet, and the “Patrol News” emails that have gone out this year.

Feel free to review those materials before taking these quizzes or just jump right in and we recommend that you take the quiz prior to your 1st day of Patrolling..

They  have  also taken on the role of toboggan instruction with the emphasis on Patroller improvement in all conditions and different aspects of the mountain.

Understanding that we all have a different skill set due experience, time on the mountain and age, their approach will be nurturing within each person’s comfort zone.

This program is ongoing and has been well received by the Patrollers that have participated in it. It has been a training challenge this season due to a lower than normal Patroller count on the hill  but we request that if you are patrolling this season,please take action on the following:   

1)   Take the quizzes prior to your  1st day of patrolling.

2)   Connect with Dan or Bruce and make sure you pull an empty and loaded sled under their supervision. If they are not available, Mike Fanelli, Jason Onaga or check with Kolina for support.

3)   Engage, ask questions, be involved.

4)   Get out of your comfort zone.

5)   Leave the day with one thing that you learned.

6] Our hope is to help everyone involved to became a better and more knowledgeable  Patroller.


Our goal for next season is to take what we continue to learn from this season and develop an updated coordinated  training package for candidates and Patrollers.

Our 10 point plan is aggressive and can only be accomplished by increasing our training team members.

1)     Specific OEC and OET training criteria to be established.

2)     Published Patroller schedule and agenda for training with some required dates.

3)     Establish a specific day to update and refresh all current Team members that are instructing and/or participating in the program for 2022.

4)     Conduct an Instructor class that support OEC and OET that was postponed due to COVID this year.

5)     Create more interactive tools that can be used by phone.

6)     Develop an easy monitoring system that captures Patroller participation in training

7)     Create rewards and recognition  as p[art of the program.

8)     Update the  Training Team members  contact info and roles  for 2022.

9)     Create a training reference tool that can be updated on our site or access by phone.

10) Roll out the concept, package and establish expectations  at the annual refresher in November.

I understand that this is quite an undertaking and we are dedicated to creating new momentum to ELEVATE our Patrollers at Northstar, small steps but a big footprint.

I encourage your participation.

Patrolling at times can be hard work and stressful, but should be something we enjoy doing and still find rewarding.

We are confident that with your help and engagement, we can make it happen.

Dave Rozzi

NSP Training Director

Patrol Update 2/19

The Protocols have recently been updated and will be posted on our site under Protocols for future reference. The SMR updated guidelines are in process and will be available when completed. Please review the Protocols below and if any questions, please feel free to reach out to Kolina.

1.    Patient Transport: use the best way for comfort of patient, safety and efficiency.  Usually head up.

2.    Use Gondola for Transport: only when patient is FULLY ambulatory and has/had no diminished LOC, altered state and/or difficulty breathing

3.    Scoop is preferred for transport only (NO SMR required)

4.    Backboarding:  SMR protocols are in place and if SMR is required, always use C-collar and tape chin and forehead. Vacuum (Vac) mat is the preferred method of applying SMR, especially for injuries with lumbar spinal involvement. Tape should be applied in addition to the head strap on the mat. Pelvic binder included in mat is not to be used as such, when necessary the pelvic binder in the trauma bag should be applied. If a Vac Mat is not available, the next option is a Combi-board or “Split Board”. When a hard backboard is applied, the backboard must be padded with a blanket.

5.    Ground Ambulance: transport to location as directed.

6.     Transfer care for air / ground ambulance: Patroller on scene will call dispatch and say “care transferred to (medic _#_ / flight crew), destination is….”

7.    Code Blue (No pulse, No Respirations): requires CPR, AED, and SMR.

8.    Oxygen: use for Altered, Diminished LOC, Shortness of Breath, or pain management. Patients cannot enter clinic while on O2, they must either come off of the O2 or be sent via ground ambulance, per COVID protocols. Keep Oxygen Bottle and Regulator after transferring to ambulance.  Replace (ask ambulance personnel) head blocks, Non-rebreather Mask, and C-collar.

9. Grossly deformed fractures have one shot for realignment to attempt to regain circulation and make packaging possible.

10. Mid-shaft Femur Fractures: Apply traction splint, and SMR protocols apply if judged to be a distracting injury to that patient. Pelvic injuries will always receive SMR.

11. When you pull traction on a Sager, pull to 10% of bodyweight or to comfort of patient.

12. Traction may be pulled on Open Mid-shaft Femur Fractures, depending on the situation to keep the bone in a moist environment, and improve outcome.

13. Ski or Board Boots: do not remove boots. May open boot to define bleeding source.

14. Helmet Removal: only to examine and when applying SMR with a C-collar.

15. Pulse Oximeters: are contained in all trauma bags for use on scene, use is encouraged.

16. EpiPen® (Epinephrine Auto-Injectors) is only assisted, not administered, by Northstar Ski Patrol.

17. Tourniquets are used for uncontrolled bleeding; when applied, write the time on the Tourniquet or on the patient, i.e. T – 1300 hours.



Patrol News 2/9


Thank you to everyone who made it out on the hill to help us through the past storm cycle!

We are short staffed and can use some help on Wednesday 2/10 and Thursday 2/11.

Mountain Conditions
The last two weeks has left us with 75 inches of new snow!! The whole mountain is open except the White Rabbit and Pipeline. We have been able to open the Biscuit and Sawtooth. Teams are still on Hornet’s Nest and Surprise.

When you are assigned to 235, your top priority is making sure all snowcats get into the yard safely. If there are snowcats operating on Village, we need to put up the rope closure at the top of Village and actively guard the line. If the snowcats are coming down the gut, we need to be directing guests to stay clear from the snowcats path. You should go to the top of Village right after morning meeting and should not leave until all snowcats are in the yard.

Home Health Screening
There has been an update to the home health screening process. It is now required that you complete an online home health screening each morning before coming onto the mountain. The questionnaire can be accessed via the following link or QR code:

Northstar Volunteer Health Screen Form<>

The form allows you to check both that you passed and failed so be careful to only select one of those two boxes.

Mountain Updates
-We now have two rope reels staged at the top of Drifter. This setup will enable us to allow snowcats to exit Drifter skiers right safely while the skier’s left line stays up for crowd control.

-We are no longer bumping all the boo of the arrow pit on the 900 road to the groom line. We are now only bumping the one piece of boo directly under the lift.

-We are closing entrances 1 and 2 of PLE with closed banners. These need to be pulled and staged at sweep daily.

Ongoing Training

As a reminder, connect with Dan or Bruce for OET and SMR training and don’t forget to complete your quizzes prior to patrolling.
-The next virtual Tahoe Forest Winter Injury Case Review is coming up on Tuesday 2/23 5:30-7:30 pm.

Join Zoom Meeting<>
Meeting ID: 992 3708 0968

There are two double beacon courses available accessible from Vista and Pluto.

-There will continue to be ski and snowboard enhancements throughout the week. The exact times will be announced at morning meeting.

Hope to see you out on the mountain soon!
Hannah Lian

Patrol Update 2/3/2021


Here is some great news that will bring a smile to your face!

Explore and send to your contacts our new site link to raise funds and continue our successful Avy Dog program at Northstar,

Thanks Kolina for getting this up and running.


Patrol News 2/2/2021

Home Health Screening Update

There has been an update to the home health screening process. It is now required that you complete an online home health screening each morning before coming onto the mountain. The questionnaire can be accessed via the following link or QR code: 

Northstar Volunteer Health Screen Form

As before, if you answer ‘no’ to all the questions, you are clear to come in. If you answer ‘yes’ to any question, you are required to wait 10 days before working on the hill and must let us know. Please contact us in the following order: Hannah Lian, Kolina Coe, Mike Fanelli, Dave Rozzi


Hannah Lian.  

Patrol Update 1/30/2021 Training


As an update to this years Ongoing Training, 2020-2021, we have put together some sessions that are easily implemented:

Thanks to Dan Abbott for his tech experience in getting the quizzes and zone work sheets completed and updated. Dan and Bruce will provide a coordinated effort to complete on hill training for this season and their support and dedication is greatly appreciated!.

We ask that you make every effort to connect with them on the mountain.

The following sessions are in place for 2020-2021 and outlined below. Please make sure that you are reading Patrol Updates and and visiting our site for permanent updates.

  1. Under Protocols on the website, you van view COVID 19 and zone work
  2. Mountain Operation Refresher below
  3. SMR (Spinal Motion Restriction) updates

Starting this year we’re going to require everyone to complete a Mountain Operations Refresher. This year the refresher is comprised of three 10-question quizzes. Please complete these quizzes before your next patrol day.

These quizzes are designed as teaching tools to review the mountain operations at Northstar. They are not evaluations. The hope is that by taking these quizzes and reviewing the answers you missed, you’ll be more prepared for patrolling. Feel free to take the quiz more than once if you feel it would be beneficial. Most of the content comes from the COVID training, Radio Protocols page on the NSNSP website, the Trail Closure cheat sheet, and the “Patrol News and update ” emails that have gone out this year. Feel free to review those materials before taking these quizzes or just jump right in.

A: COVID-19 Protocols

B: Radio Protocols

C: Backside Closure

D: SMR see below

When you are on the hill, you must participate in a demo with Dan or Bruce to understand the use of the Vac Mat and Combi Board along with an update on SMR (Spinal Motion Restriction) protocols. This has been a part of OEC the past 2 years and we are moving in that direction as a resort.

Thanks for your support in making this a great experience for our guests and safe season for all of us.

Dave Rozzi

Patrol Update 1/29/200

We want to continue to be safe on the mountain so please review the following items:

  1. If you haven’t been on the mountain yet please make sure that you take an empty and loaded sled out under the supervision of Bruce Downs, Dan Abbott, Jason Onaga or myself.
  2. Check our NSNSP site for Covid questions on calls…very important.
  3. May sure you have your Fit test for N-95 mask completed
  4. Bruce Downs and Dan Abbott are the leads for some hill specific ongoing training. Please make sure you connect with them.
  5. The Yurt needs some love…..lots of snow around.
  6. 3 radios in yurt.  Others in patrol office.


Mike Fanelli