Patrol Update 1-10-2020

Hello National Ski Patrollers, just a quick update coming into the President’s Day weekend.

Hope everyone is healthy and doing well. First of all, we would love some help during the Ski/Skate week and President’s Day holidays. A perfect opportunity to get your days in!

Also a friendly reminder to do your sled training if needed, Onaga and Fanelli will be up this coming weekend.

Our weather pattern isn’t looking great for new snow, but the sunshine has made for some great spring like skiing. With that being said, watch your step around the mountain with slip and falls, keep yourself
hydrated and remember to wear sunscreen out there.

We don’t have any changes to our footprint, so same runs and lifts operating. Some small changes have been made to our closing procedures so be sure to check in with your closing commander before running out the door.
Garritt Cusack and the pro patrol staff

Safety week 1/25

Safety week starts Saturday 1/25 and we need Patrollers to cover the mountain and assist in the many activities that are planned.

Fanelli will be reaching out for support:

Please sign up to Patrol and join us in the activities.

Be safe out there!


Patrol Update 1/14/2020

First of all, thank you to everyone who showed up through the high season to help us with coverage and training.

If you haven’t been getting your days in start thinking about it because we could use your help with the upcoming MLK holiday break. We also have our safety weekend starting 1/24 and will be having a dog rescue presentation, raffle, scavenger hunt, etc. on the following Saturday.

Morning meetings are still 7:30am start and parking is available from LOTS E up in Village parking for gondola access.

Currently we have all of our terrain open with the exception of Timberline lift and the terrain that accesses below the 900rd. That means Lookout and Backside are 100% open. Hopefully some more snow coming through this week into the MLK weekend.

We have a new piece of medical gear we are using this year, the vacuum mat, an alternative method to a rigid spine board. Please get further training on how to use the vacuum mat and when we might be asking for one on scene.

Similarly if it is your first day working YOU MUST pull a loaded and
unloaded sled.

Candidate training started yesterday 1/11 and will continue for the season with two weekends on and one weekend off. Sled refresher is coming up for you nationals as well with dates posted on the previous email. This training is mandatory and you will be sent more information as the dates approach.

That’s really the new news on the hill, we look forward to seeing you up here and if you have any further questions please don’t be afraid to ask.
Garritt and the Northstar Ski Patrol

Days Worked 1-9-20

We will be updating Days Worked on Thursdays due to some scheduling changes. Dispatch will scan the sign in sheets on Monday to prevent an future delays. The report is divided into 2 categories, the top for Patrollers with dependent passes and the bottom for those that just earn comps.

If you need to clarify the number of comps that you have remaining as of 1/9, please send me an email:


Patrol Update 1/4

In order to allow more time and to be more efficient in processing your requests for comps for family and friends, please be advised of the following changes:

  1. Your comp request must be received 72 hours prior to the day of use. That means for a Thursday request for a comp, it must be received no later than Monday 8:00 am.
  2. In the subject line of the email, please indicate the date requested as this will help the staff determine a priority of processing.
  3. If your guest does not use the comp that you requested, you can reply using the original email and just indicate the specific name and date of the comp not used and the staff will verify and put it back in your bank. This does not happen automatically unless requested.
  4. Changes to your original comp requests can sometimes be confusing so please try to use your original email and indicate CHANGE in the subject line and clearly indicate the change that has to be made.

We appreciate your support and understanding on this change.


NSP Training update

Congratulations to Jed Daoust and David O Dell as they are now cleared for Pluto.

Just as a reminder, please make sure you run an empty and loaded sled as part of your 1st work day on the mountain. Get those ski legs back, so to speak and be safe out there.