2018 Registration & OEC Refresher

Hello patrollers,

Thank you to those of you that have fully completed your registration by paying your dues to Northstar and NSP, completing the required forms, and sending them to Karen. If you have not yet please do so—the deadline is quickly approaching!

Refresher information:

  • OEC Cycle B
  • Class #F073180006
  • Saturday, November 3, 2018
  • Northstar Mid-Mountain Lodge
  • Steps below are due before the refresher.

Please be sure to complete all six steps below by the specified deadlines in order to receive your pass and be allowed to attend the on-hill refresher. See you in November!

—Karen, Mike, and Dave

1. NSP Dues and Registration

Required before course registration. Applies to both paid & volunteer patrollers.

  • Sign in at nsp.org
  • Click “Hi, [YOUR NAME]” link in the upper right
  • Click the “Renew now” button.
  • Pay the dues and update your profile.

2. Northstar Local Dues and Registration

Due by October 26, 2018. No refunds.

  • Northstar Volunteer: $155
  • Northstar Paid Patroller: No local dues
  • Transfer Candidate or Candidate: $205
  • Visiting Patroller: $65 (must have approval from Mike Krueger [email protected])

Use this PayPal link or mail a check (payable to NSNSP):

Karen Trolan
PO BOX 412
Los Gatos, CA 95031

3. Forms to Complete

Due by October 26, 2018 (October 20 if dependents are on the Ski Team).

Electronic signatures are not accepted—please print, sign, and scan forms.

Complete these four forms and return them to Karen Trolan, [email protected]

NSP Member Contact Information

  • Download here.
  • Only needed if new patroller or information has changed.

Northstar 2018 Season Pass Application

  • Download here.
  • Must be printed and scanned in color.
  • Last year’s pass will be reactivated. If you don’t have it, plan on showing up to the pass office before your first day of patrolling.
  • Instructions:
    1. Complete the “APPLICANT #1” section with your own information. Leave “TYPE OF PASS blank.
    2. Skip the “PASS INSURANCE” and “AUTO RENEW” sections.
    3. If you choose to provide Season Passes to your dependents (rather than receive complimentary lift tickets), list your dependents in the “ADDITIONAL APPLICANTS” section.
      • If you have more than three dependents, you must include the additional names on another Season Pass Application form that is also filled out completely (top of Page 1 and bottom of Page 2).
      • Legal Dependents are eligible for a pass until their 18th birthday. Minor dependents must have a line on the application signed for by their guardian as Applicant #1 on Page 2.
      • If the Dependent is enrolled in full-time school they are eligible until their 23rd birthday with proof of full-time school enrollment (e.g. class schedule or letter from the school—a school ID is only acceptable if they are still in high school). Dependent over 18 must also sign the Season Pass Application(s) on Page 2 themselves.
      • Adult Dependents MUST sign for themselves (wet signatures).
      • Kids/dependents on the Ski Team must get their forms in by October 20, 2018.
    4. Sign the bottom of Page 2 for yourself and all minor dependents. Ensure that dependents over 18 sign for themselves.

NSP Far West Release of Liability

  • Download here.
  • Required by all attending the refresher and/or will be patrolling this season.

Hartnell College Admission Form

  • Download here.
  • Only needed if you did not complete this form last year.
  • California residents only.
  • Fill in highlighted areas.
  • Social Security Number is not needed.

4. Course Registration

Due by November 1, 2018.

  • Sign in at nsp.org
  • Click “Course Schedule” under “Member Resources
  • Enter F073180006 in “Course Number equals” box
  • Click “Find
  • Click the resulting course title: “OEC Refresher B” (ensure Michael Kruger is the IOR)
  • Click “Proceed to Checkout
  • Click “Submit Order
  • You should see an “Order Confirmation” screen—you’re done. No need to send us a copy.

5. Online Refresher

Due by November 1, 2018.

  • Sign in at nsp.org
  • Click the “For Members” box
  • Click the “Online Learning” box
  • Click the box to enter the Online Learning Management system
  • Click on “Courses” (at the very top of the page)
  • Click the “2018 OEC Refresher B” box
  • Follow the instructions to start the online course. You can start/stop it anytime. Complete all modules, each of which has an evaluation.
  • Complete the course survey.
  • Download the completion certificate (right-click it and choose “Save Image”)
  • Send the completion certificate image to [email protected] by November 1 (Thursday)

6. Workbook

Due by November 3, 2018.

Bring to refresher completed. Must hand in to register on the morning of the refresher.

You can download the workbook here if needed.


To recap:

  • October 20, 2018 — only if dependents are on the Ski Team: forms due to Karen Trolan early (rather than by October 26).
  • October 26, 2018 — dues, registration, and forms due to Karen Trolan.
  • November 1, 2018 — online refresher certificate due to Mike Krueger.
  • November 3, 2018 — completed workbook due at refresher check-in.


  • A season pass will not be generated for you if you do not achieve the deadlines specified above.
  • You will not be permitted to attend the on-hill refresher if you fail to achieve the deadlines specified above or you fail to bring a completed workbook to the on-hill refresher.


For questions about NSP and Northstar dues (finance), registration, season pass, college application and other forms.

Karen Trolan
[email protected]
‭(408) 838-7653‬

For questions about the refresher, the online component, and the workbook.

Mike Krueger
[email protected]
(650) 619-1235


See Forrest talk coffee and powder in a featured NSP interview!

OET Refresher

All patrollers will need to participate in Northstar’s OET (Outdoor Emergency Transport) Refresher.  Please sign up for our Toboggan Refresher course on the NSP website (just like when you registered for our OEC Refresher).  The course number is F073180002.

The toboggan refreshers will be on Saturdays, and Sundays when candidates are not training, from 10 to noon.  The topics to be covered will include, 1) securing toboggan (drill & bamboo), 2) overview of the akja, and 3) loaded toboggan with tail rope in the bumps.


  • Jan 13
  • Jan 20
  • Jan 27 & 28
  • Feb 3
  • Feb 10
  • Feb 17 & 18

For this of you who only patrol weekdays, please contact Fanelli, Hubbard, Onaga, or Sherry for alternate dates.

Please contact me with any questions.

Jon Scarpa