Patrol Update 3/2


We are fortunate again this year to host the Women’s Toboggan clinic this upcoming weekend 3/7 and 3/8 with the help, support and coordination from Kolina and Fanelli.

We can use the extra help on the mountain for coverage so please check your schedule and sign up. This is also a great opportunity weekend to continue Toboggan refreshing for those that have not participated already.


Patrol Update


As a policy reminder, guests and family members are not allowed in the Bumps. It is our workplace environment where business is conducted and not conducive to the public.

Guests and family members are approved for joining you at  closing as long as they remain with the Patroller and have the ability to  safely and adequately ski/board the terrain and can be timely in completing sweep.


Patrol Update 1-10-2020

Hello National Ski Patrollers, just a quick update coming into the President’s Day weekend.

Hope everyone is healthy and doing well. First of all, we would love some help during the Ski/Skate week and President’s Day holidays. A perfect opportunity to get your days in!

Also a friendly reminder to do your sled training if needed, Onaga and Fanelli will be up this coming weekend.

Our weather pattern isn’t looking great for new snow, but the sunshine has made for some great spring like skiing. With that being said, watch your step around the mountain with slip and falls, keep yourself
hydrated and remember to wear sunscreen out there.

We don’t have any changes to our footprint, so same runs and lifts operating. Some small changes have been made to our closing procedures so be sure to check in with your closing commander before running out the door.
Garritt Cusack and the pro patrol staff