OEC Refresher Reminder

Urgent, please email or mail your registration forms to Karen now. In less than a week, there is a $25 late fee and no guarantee when you will get a pass. Please turn in the Season Pass in color, the liability release form, pay dues to us and National and fill out the Hartnell form if you hadn’t last year. Thank you if you have already have registered. Note; some of you have paid, but not sent the registration forms.

We will  not have the capability for registration and payment at the refresher. If you have not completed all of the necessary required forms and paid to date, you will not be  able to attend the Refresher.

Thanks. Karen


 We need your registration now so that you can patrol this season. Please send the following information: (If you have already, Thank you!)

We will not have the capability to handle registration the day of the refresher. If you cannot be compliant with all of the necessary requirements, you will not be able to attend the refresher.

• Season Pass form in Color, appropriately completed and signed

• Hartnell College Form (if California Resident) • Liability Release

• Member Contact Form • CPR Card copy (if you didn’t do training at last

year’s refresher)

And, also, register for National at NSP.org

Thank you, Karen



October 20, 2018– Only if your dependents are on the Ski Team: otherwise below due date.

October 26, 2018– Dues , Registration and forms due to Karen

November 1,2018– Online Refresher certificate due to Mike Krueger

November 3, 2018– Completed workbook due at Refresher check in

OEC Final 11/4

Please see the note from Nancy Stromswold, who is the IOR and coordinating the OEC refresher final on  Sunday 11/4. You will need to confirm your attendance with her! I have tried to pass on those that have expressed interest but she will develop the final roster. Again, if you want to participate, Nancy is the gatekeeper. Make sure you have contacted her!

OEC Final Sunday, November 4, 2018

7:30 am check in – 4:00 pm Northstar’s Mid-Mountain Lodge

If we stay on schedule, we should be done by 4:00 pm. Let me know if I can add you to the list of volunteers for this event and receive further event details.  Nancy Stromswold Tahoe OEC Final Coordinator stromswold@sbcglobal.net 775 232-4465 cell

CPR Card 2018-2019 Season

It is your responsibility as a Northstar Patroller to maintain a current American Heart Association, Health Care Provider basic life support CPR/AED card through 4-30-2019. We provided the opportunity at the 2017 Refresher  for a new card valid to 11/2019.

We will not be providing that service this year so if you did not participate and are not current through 4/30/2019, please be compliant prior to the start of the season and send a copy of your card to: ktrolan@nsnsp.org.

OEC Final HELP 11/4

We will be having the OEC Final at Northstar  this year on Sunday 11/4 and as last year need some help to make this happen! Multiple classes will be participating at this event, including our  Northstar OEC Intensive class of 20 students. Since you will be at our Refresher on Sat 11/3, please plan to attend the OEC final on Sunday 11/4 and give your support to these new candidates.

EVENT LOCATION: Northstar Mid Mountain Lodge

DATE: Sunday 11/4

GRATUITY:  A BIG THANK YOU and 2 comp passes!

HOW TO SIGN UP: Just send me an email at drozzi@nsnsp.org and I will put you on the list.

OEC Refresher 11/3 HELP!

We anticipate our largest group  ever to attend the OEC  Cycle B Refresher on Sat 11/3/18 at Northstar.

This growth is largely due to the fact that we have 17 NSP PROS that will need to be refreshed as a result of our OEC Intensive class, with 9 new hires this upcoming season. Great job Cory!

Based on the 7  OEC stations that are required for the OEC Refresher event on 11/3, we will need 20+ Patrollers to help

This is a great opportunity to participate at one of the Refresher stations as a team member.  You will not need to go through the  7 stations, just participate at the 1 station you are assigned to.


Since you will not be participating in the 7 stations on 11/3, you will still need to be refreshed and complete all necessary NSP requirements at our Instructor Refresher  on 10/6 at Rex Moore in Sacramento. NSP

Thank you  Bill Hubbard for the use of the facility again this year..

We start at 7:30 and wrap up at 4:00 with breakfast and lunch. The goal of the day is to refresh ourselves and prepare to work in a station, so that the Patrollers attending  can get refreshed and the day runs smoothly.

I am reaching out to our current OEC  Instructors, Forrest’s Team, and any other Patroller interested to help. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN INSTRUCTOR TO PARTICIPATE.

 All attendees for the Sat 10/6 event will get 2 comp tickets as along as they assist in a Station at the Refresher  on Sat 11/3.

Thanks again this year  to Mike Krueger for organizing both events and to Karen Trolan who manages the enrollment and all of the details with NSP.

Since  Mike Krueger, mkrueger@nsnsp.org, is out for the next 2 weeks, please feel free to respond to me at drozzi@nsnsp.org.   with your attendance or any questions.

Dave Rozzi

OEC Intensive Class HELP

Last year, the success of the Northstar OEC Intensive class was due to the great support that our Patrollers provided during the class instruction and scenarios. Thank  you for your support!

We have  limited the class to 20 students this year and most excitingly 9 of the 20 attending are part of the new PRO hires at Northstar for the upcoming season.

I encourage our  PRO staff, (NSP or not) to sign up as we need your support and help  to continue to success of this program.


When: Start date  Sat 10/20 end date 10/31

Where: Northstar Mid Mountain


  1. Please go to: https://nsoecintensive.blogspot.com/  This way you can see the class details or just click the link in step 3:
  2. Go to the Volunteer Signup TAB
  3. Hit the link and pick the day you would like to help or go directly below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KMpW-PxaDmeM4VZopfrWxcvSbm1oQULP4rFVM2AlAZ8/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Comps will be available to those Northstar helpers.


Dave Rozzi    drozzi@nsnsp.org

Website update


I hope that everyone has had a chance to sign in and review the website.

As a reminder, when you receive an email from me, it requires that you sign in to see what the content and updates are. The reason for the sign is that the Patroller portion of the site is secured to prevent public access.


Welcome to the NEW Northstar Website


We are ready to launch  the updated  Northstar interactive website, www.nsnsp.org. It is important to understand the background for this project so we have highlighted a few points of our Mission consideration.

We appreciate the efforts of Dave Rozzi for the site content and Ross Dakin for the magical IT work to make it happen and connect  all of us.


  • Develop an all inclusive site that has public access that can inform potential candidates about our program.
  • Develop a private access with a secure login for our Patrollers.
  • Elevate the site to include access to all pertinent information, schedules , Training, OEC refreshers, mountain updates,  events, protocols, workplace  policies and contacts.
  • Update current Patroller information and have a maintanence program to keep it updated.
  • Establish  the website  as the  ONLY primary  tool for all communications to our Patrol Members.


  • All Patrollers listed on the updated roster which is visible after you log in are linked to the website. Any changes should be communicated to drozzi@nsnsp.com.
  • We will post all correspondence to the website, and a message will be sent to your email of record.  You will need to go to the site and review the updated communications. The everyone @nsnsp.org email address has been deleted.
  • All communication stays on the site (under “Updates”), so if you missed something it will always be available.


  • Please feel free to provide feedback to drozzi@nsnsp.org with any suggestions to the website that will enhance this program.

Looking forward to a great season.

The Leadership Team