Patrol News 1/26/2022

Hi team!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been helping out on the hill. With MLK weekend and the holidays behind us we’re back to seeing our usual high numbers on the weekends and midweek lows. We will be doing more ongoing training in the upcoming weeks, so any help with maintaining coverage during these trainings is greatly appreciated. We will also be doing a helicopter training with our pro staff on February 11 and 14th, so we’ll be especially in need of help on those days. 

COVID reminders

Please get fit tested for your N95 if you haven’t yet – Michael Doubek and Max Manktelow are in charge of fit testing.

We are now meeting inside at 7:30am on the main level of the Day Lodge, above the bathrooms, for stretches. Morning meeting follows directly after and takes place right outside of the lodge. 

Please wear a mask in the bumps and all indoor spaces including gondola cabins, and do not show up to the mountain if you feel sick.

Terrain expansion

The entire Timberline complex, Pipeline, and Sawtooth Ridge have all opened to the public. Sawtooth will continue to be assessed daily. 

Ski California Safety Day

January 29th is Ski California Safety Day. We’ll have a scavenger hunt, dog demos in the Arrow Pit, and other activities focused on guest interaction & education.

Dog merchandise

We sold $2636 worth of dog merchandise on MLK Saturday! Thank you so much to everyone who helped spread the word and raise money for our dog team. For anyone who’d like to be involved with selling dog merchandise, we’ll definitely need help at mid-mountain on President’s Day Weekend. 

Stroll patrol handoffs

We have a handful of patrollers who have been working mid-mountain as “stroll patrol,” and we have started handing off the final leg of transport (from mid to the clinic) to these patrollers. This has been hugely useful for keeping numbers up high. Please consider handing off the final portion of your transport to patrollers at mid if your patient is ambulatory and can be taken down on the gondola. 

Mindfulness bells

We now have mindfulness bells outside of every bump. The goal of these bells is to keep us all present and intentional in our work, to get the most out of our days, and to keep us safe in the more mundane parts of our job. Please try to get in the habit of ringing the bells every time you pass them as a gentle reminder to yourself to be mindful!


We’ve seen a long stretch of warm, dry weather and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. With that being said, we’re beginning to see bare spots and thin coverage pop up across the mountain. Keep an eye out for potential hazards and mark them as they appear, and consider placing thin cover signage at the top of runs that need it. 

Thank you again for the time and energy you’ve all been contributing to keeping our mountain running! We couldn’t do it without all of you. 

Please email Dave Rozzi if you have any questions.

Let’s get back to praying for snow!


Safety Week 1/29


We are excited to Kickoff Safety week on Saturday 1/29 with giveaways, booths, a scavenger hunt, those adorable dogs and great products for sale but we need your HELP to make it a success!

It is a training weekend so I am tied up but Fanelli will be coordinating and we need 4-5 people to assist him.

The weather will be great so put on your best smile and come to help.

Pleas contact me directly, if you can make it.

[email protected]


The Yurt


While we have a break in the weather THE YURT NEEDS SOME LOVE!

Please shovel about 2 ft out from the wall and be careful not to tear the plastic.



Patrol Update 1/6/22

Becoming an instructor


We had originally set a date of 1/29 to hold an Instructor class presented by Tom Sherry and myself. I know there is interest out there but the responses were not overwhelming so we will try it again.

If we have enough interest, we wil set a date that fits everyones schedule.

It is open to all patrollers, volunteers and Paid, that are current NSP members.

Below is a list of patrollers with previous interest

Kevin Sloane- completed online enrollment

Steve Throne a yes but conflict on date due to travel

Monica Saldana Yes but next season

Garrett Blake, David O’ Dell, Mats Oberg, Semi Salmi

Dirk Lewis, Kolina Coe,

Past OEC students, please consider this program.

The Instructor Development Course serves as the beginning point for Patrollers  that want to become an Instructor. It is a great way to use your skills to elevate current Patrollers and to set the appropriate standard for Candidates.

Steps to success

  1. Register  on NSP site with no fee, Instructor Development E Course # F601220001.
  2. Complete the Hybrid  online portion prior to class date TBD based on response
  3. Participate in a 1/2 day class at Northstar, date TBD,  to demonstrate your skill set.
  4. Work with you mentor to gain confidence and experience.
  5. Teach a lesson and be evaluated.

If interested, please contact Dave Rozzi [email protected]



Patrol News 1/4/22

Hi team!

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and got some much needed rest. Here’s what you missed if you haven’t been on the hill since the last newsletter:

Mountain update 

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we have the entire mountain open with the exception of Timberline. We are hoping to open the Timberline complex this upcoming weekend. The storm initially forecast for this week was significantly downgraded, giving us time to catch up with the snow and get the mountain back in shape.

Search and rescue update

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, we received word about a missing person, Rory Angelotta, on December 25th. Our patrol team went into a full-fledged search and rescue effort within hours. The search endured severe winter conditions, and included various SAR agencies, with a total of 13,000 personnel hours being committed to finding Rory in the first 6 days alone. On December 31st, Placer County Sheriff’s Office suspended emergency rescue operations at our resort given the severe weather conditions and determination that there was no significant possibility that Rory could still be alive. We will continue to search for Rory on sweep and keep him and his family in our thoughts. 

Covid protocols

We’re back to following full COVID precautions to keep our team safe and our mountain in operation. Mask up and space out in all indoor spaces, including bumps, yurts, locker room, and gondolas. Sanitize your spaces, wash your hands, and please do not come in to patrol if you have any symptoms at all. 

If you still need to be fit tested for a N95 please contact Michael Doubek or Max Manktelow.

Radio traffic

For all new and returning Northstar patrollers, please review the following format for radio traffic when responding to a 10-50.

First traffic to dispatch: 

[national last name] responding from your current location

Traffic once you arrive on scene:

[national last name] on scene, [location of scene]

Traffic once you’re ready to give your patient report:

Dispatch [national last name]

*Wait for dispatch to say go ahead*

On scene at [location] with a [age] year-old [male/female], [injury/chief complaint], [any equipment needed], [transport option]. 


National Fanelli responding from Vista.

National Fanelli on scene, Pinball.

Dispatch National Fanelli

On scene at pinball with a 19-year-old male, left knee injury, we’re heading to the clinic.

Running sleds 

On your first day back at Northstar you must run loaded and unloaded sleds before taking any calls. Dave sent out an email on January 1 about upcoming toboggan training to be led by Downs and Abbott.

Again, MASSIVE thank you to everyone who’s been showing up to help out on the mountain. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. 

Happy new year and hope to see you all soon!


Patrol Update 1/4/22

Patrol Schedule

We would appreciate all Candidates, Transfers and current Volunteer patrollers sign up for patrol days by Wednesday evening 5:00 pm for the upcoming weekend. The mountain is extremely busy and this advanced notice will assist in planning coverage and assignments.


Patrol News 1/2/2022

Hey Team,

We are going to have a critical incident debrief tonight for the continued missing skier. We will talk through all the efforts that went into the search and what we will continue to do. We will have pizza for dinner and Liana Bailey will come to help support that discussion. It will be on the top floor of the day lodge after sweep (5:15ish). Anyone is welcome. Please reply if you plan on being there, so I can make sure we have enough food.

Kolina Coe

Assistant Director: Ski and Bike Patrol

Northstar California Resort

O: 530.562.3441

C: 530.414.4314


Patrol Update 1/1/2022


On Going Training.

As mentioned previously, Abbott and Downs will be heading up the team Toboggan (OET) training this season. Fanelli and Onaga will also be available.

The objective of this training is to make sure you are prepared to safely run an empty and loaded sled and to provide feedback and guidance in improving those skills,

Volunteer Patrollers need to enroll in the course below so we can monitor and receive credit for this training.

Course # F073210006 Toboggan Refresher

My Team will be conducting the ongoing OEC training, no class registration required.

The following are training dates, feel free to participate:

  • #1 Jan 8 & 9
  • #2 Jan 15 & 16 & 17
  • #3 Jan 29 & 30
  • #4 Feb 5 & 6
  • #5 Feb 19 & 20 & 21
  • #6 Feb 26 & 27
  • #7 Mar 5 & 6
  •  #8 Mar 12 & 13


Patrol Update 12/28

Mountain HELP

The next few days will be in the teens for Truckee with a 60% chance of snow on Wednesday 12/29.

The remainder of the week looks clear and huge crowds are anticipated at Northstar.

Please make every effort to get to the mountain as we need Patrollers to help keep the mountain ready and keep it safe for our guests.

If you have not been up to the mountain, the snow level is massive and a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Again, we need your help!

Mike Fanelli

Patrol Update 12/27


It is a challenge to keep updated on OEC and OET (toboggan) training especially with a break on patrolling due to COVID and I thought I would set the stage for this upcoming season.

We had tremendous positive feedback on our Refresher this year.

Our Team effort of Instructors, Volunteers and Pro staff did an outstanding job at their stations with smaller groups. Thanks so much for your commitment and time.

The additional 2nd day of training gave us the ability incorporate more expertise with Leah on station 4, SMR, VAC Mat and Combi Boards, Kolina on Sager and Max on Radio calls.

Kolina took the initiative to add the Sager station to the Refresher , understanding that this can be a serious injury and most patrollers do not get a chance to practice the sager application.

That was good news for a 13 year old with a fractured femur on 12/19 that when David O’ Dell responded and then National Saldana, Blake and supervisor Doubek came on scene, the team was trained as they had just recently been refreshed on the sager on 11/6.

Training is key to a patients success and this illustrates just how important it is.

Take the extra time to train and be updated as the next call may be yours.

We will be conducing OEC and Toboggan skills updates this season and are finalizing the format over the next 2 weeks. In either case, our goal is to incorporate the training dates below for OEC and OET, get involved, share your knowledge and have some fun.

Jan 8-9

Jan 15-17

Jan 29-30

Feb 5-6

Feb 19-21

Feb 26-27

Mar 5-6

Mar 12-13

Thanks so much for your patience and cooperation with me.

Have a safe New Year