Patrol Update 12.4.22


As we expand opening more runs on the mountain this upcoming week, we need additional help in getting this done.

We appreciate your efforts in signing up as soon as tomorrow Monday 12/5 throughout the week.


Patrol Update 12/1/2022

Hi team!

For anyone I may not have met, my name is Lucy and I’m a third year patroller at Northstar and have participated in asssiting the OEC INTENSIVE Team, the past 2 years.. I’ll be the national liaison again this season, so you’ll be getting Patrol Updates from me detailing important updates around the mountain. 

We’re a few weeks into the season and things are looking good out on the hill. Thank you to everyone who has already been helping out, and we’re excited to have the rest of you back soon! 

Leadership roles & changes

200 Dani Waite 

201 Dirk Lewis

202 Max Anderson

203 Sam Padilla

204 Mitch Davenport 

205 Michael Doubek 

206 Grant Murchison 

As most of you already know, we are very excited to welcome Dani Waite as the new Patrol Director and Dirk Lewis as the new Assistant Director. Grant Murchison was also promoted to Supervisor, and Cody Westerman to Special Skills!

New mountain opening time

Reminder that the mountain now opens at 9am, but morning meeting is still in the locker room at 7:30am.

Current footprint

Vista is open from Pinball over and Comstock is servicing all runs off of East Ridge and West Ridge with the exception of the Plunge. We’re hoping that the incoming storm will allow us to open Zephyr complex in the coming days.

Upcoming forecast 

Mother nature has some weather for us, with a potential of over 30” accumulating between now and Sunday night. Make sure to check the forecast, plan accordingly, and drive safe! 

Season Kickoff at Rubicon

Fanelli has planned an exciting season kickoff which will most likely take place at Rubicon in the Northstar Village on December 17th after work. More details to come, but mark your calendars!

Fit testing

Fit testing is optional for volunteer patrollers, but if you want to be properly fitted for a N-95 respirator please find Michael Doubek when you get to the mountain.

Lift safety bar policy

When riding any lift at Northstar, please ensure that you have the bar down prior to leaving the LCA of the bottom terminal, and do not lift the bar until you get to the “raise bar here” sign at the top terminal. It’s also helpful to have a conversation once you load the lift with any guests, so that they know about keeping the bar down for this duration in advance- use it as an opportunity to talk to and educate the public! 

Sled checks

If you haven’t already this season, on your first day back be sure to take an unloaded and loaded sled down the hill prior to transporting any patients and make sure you have signed up for the ELEVATE TRAINING DAYS as communicated by Rozzi previously.

For any questions, please email Dave Rozzi at [email protected]

Thank you all, and can’t wait to see everyone out there!


Patrol Update 11/20/22

We need your HELP!

The mountian is anticipating great activity for the upcoming week of 11/20 so please check your schedule and sign up for Patrol as we could use your HELP!.

As a reminder, please make sure you pull an empty and loaded sled. prior to responding to any calls.


2022-23 Patrol Changes


Our goal of creating a positive and  rewarding  patrol experience for team members  continues to be our #1 priority.

We should never lose sight that the National Ski Patrol is a  volunteer organization and the effort and the commitment on your part, whether now or in the past, is greatly appreciated.

We are fortunate to have an integrated team at Northstar with the same standards and expectations for patient care.

As we go into the 2022-2023 season, we have recognized some challenges and solutions  that need to be addressed:

The increase in the amount of  NSP patrollers that need to be refreshed.

In order to effectively conduct a refresher and provide high quality training for the team, the following criteria has been established.

Instructor Refresher Sat 10/8

Patrol Refresher Sat 11/5 and Sun 11/6

Alumni patrollers

Those that have had  a season pass provided by Northstar due to 20 years of service, will no longer be required to attend the Refresher to maintain their pass but upon an invite only may be given to option to participate in the Instructor Refresher and assist at the Patrol Refresher.

All Others

For this upcoming refresher, 2022.

You must have completed a minimum of 7 days  on the hill patrolling, to participate in the Refresher.

A separate email will be distributed:

To those patrollers that have  met the 7 days worked or greater

To those that do not meet the criteria and will not be able to attend

To those that do not qualify but are invited to attend.   

To attend next year’s  Refresher, 2023, You must  complete 14 days on the hill or have a valid exception approved by Mike Fanelli.

An easy format to make sure that volunteer patrollers have the necessary skill sets, toboggan and OEC, to safely patrol and provide consistent care to patients on their 1st day of Patrol.

The 1st day of Patrol must be on a weekend.

After the morning meeting, the patroller will be teamed up with an OET, toboggan instructor , to refresh their skills until appx 11:00.

At that time, they will be matched up with an experienced patroller to train with OEC scenarios.

Feedback will be provided in a positive manner as the goal is to elevate everyone’s skills and be safe.

If some additional training is required, that will be scheduled.

Ongoing training during the season to ELEVATE current Patrollers.

This is a work in progress as we work through  the above.

Downs and Abbot will be coordination OET and Dave Rozzi for OEC as needed

Lack of commitment and communication regarding the required 14 days of Patrol.

Everyone gets a onetime exception  and unless you are  injured after the season starts, an exception request to Mike Fanelli  needs to be communicated by opening day of the mountain..

As always, any concerns can be communicated to Mike Fanelli or Dave Rozzi.


Mike Fanelli, NSP Patrol Director

Dave Rozzi, NSP Director of Training

2022 Refresher


We will have more information out this week on the dates for the Instructor and Patrol Refresher.


Patrol News 8/22/2022

Hello Northstar team!

I’m excited to announce the promotion of John (Dirk) Lewis to the Assistant Ski Patrol Director / Patrol Manager position effective 8/27.

Dirk started with the company in marketing as the Bay area season pass sales rep, where he developed a keen eye for budgets and financials. He has since been a key member on the patrol team both winter and summer and brings a high skill set and unique perspective to our operation. Dirk is an active member of the Tahoe Nordic search and rescue team and has influenced the relationship with Northstar and Placer County Sheriff for on and off property rescue efforts.  He has a huge passion to improve our processes and is always looking for opportunities to keep our team at the highest level of professionalism and training. He is devoted to his personal growth to better serve the patrol team and the Northstar family as a whole.

Please help me in congratulating Dirk on his new role!


Kurtis Gale

Ski Patrol Director / Bike Park Manager


Patrol News 06/19/22

Hello Team,

I wish I could be sharing this news all together in morning meeting, but that’s clearly not an option right now.

I accepted the position as the Senior Manager of Snow Surfaces at Northstar. I am equally as sad as I am excited for what this means. Patrolling has been my whole world since I was 18 years old, and this team is the reason I love what I do. Although I will not be working with you in the same capacity as before, I will still be on the hill all the time, drinking coffee with you in Pluto, and always be there for you personally and professionally. The announcement is going out this afternoon to all Northstar and I wanted you to hear it from me first.

I will still be working with Patrol in my current capacity until Monday, 7/4/22 and I will still support the bike park and Kurt through the summer.

I am excited for this new adventure in my career and look forward to celebrating with my family soon,

Kolina Coe

Assistant Director: Ski and Bike Patrol

Northstar California Resort

Patrol News 4/7/2022

Malea Jordan

As many of you know, Malea was injured at Squaw Valley and in the process of recovering here in Truckee. Not only does she need our emotional support but if you are able to help her financially, she would greatly appreciate that act of kindness.

Her Venmo is

@maleajordan and to verify that you have the right Malea, last 4 of phone is 3306.



Patrol News 3/28/2022

Happy Monday team!

Terrain & weather updates 

We’re nearing the end of the season and the mountain is starting to show it. The Timberline complex is closed and gated with a homeowner access sign, Drifter and Drifter Connector are closed for the remainder of the season, Boondocks is closed below Upper Lion’s Way, and we’re continuing to assess other runs daily that are rapidly burning out. 

Please remain on the search for sink-holes as they’re popping up across the mountain. Assess your runs more frequently with these warm temps and mark any hazards appropriately. 

Promised Land Express is done for the season but will remain on stand-by. Rendezvous, Lookout Link, and Village Express will only operate on the weekends, and even on weekends we usually can’t run all three for the full day. 

We have a low-pressure system moving through the area today, potentially bringing a few inches of wet snow.  

Most importantly, BE SAFE out there! Conditions are variable, especially in the morning and on sweep. Save your summer!

New opening time for 2022-23 season!

All lifts will open to the public at 9:00am next season to give us more time to safely open the mountain to the public. As of now, our morning meeting will still begin at 7:30am. 

Pond skim last Saturday

In case you missed it, Patrol showed up at Northstar’s Spring-It-On Pond Skim which took place this past Saturday! Rookie patroller Brad Kinsch took home the $1,000 grand prize after pulling off an insane backflip exiting the skim. Pics are below!

Coverage needed April 5-7

We’re still hoping to get more patrollers to come in April 5-7 while a handful of us will be in Kirkwood completing our Avy 1. If you’re available, please sign up to patrol on those days. It would be a huge help. 

Only 20 days left in the season… Let’s finish strong!