Instructor Development

Class scheduled for Saturday 1/29/2022 at Northstar.

Purpose of Instructor Development

The National Ski Patrol’s Instructor Development Program’s objectives are to prepare potential instructors to teach NSP OEC courses and OET (Toboggan instruction) in both a classroom and outdoor environment.

The Instructor Development Course serves as the beginning point for Patrollers  that want to become an Instructor. It is a great way to use your skills to elevate current Patrollers and to set the appropriate standard for Candidates.

Steps to Success

  1. Register and complete Instructor Development E Course # F601220001.
  2. Complete the Hybrid  online portion prior to class of 1/29/2022
  3. Participate in a 1 day class, 1/29/2022  to demonstrate your skill set.
  4. Work with you mentor to gain confidence and experience.
  5. Teach a lesson and be evaluated.

If interested, please contact Dave Rozzi [email protected]